Zeroom - person Impressum

name = 'Fred Zensen'
residence = 'Dortmund and Braunschweig in germany';

timeline =
<1978> 6 years lessons of classic pianoplaying
<1985> 4 years lessons of blues & jazz pianoplaying
<1991> start playing e-bass
<1998> start vocing

performance = 'piano, vocals, bass, theater'
Tasks = 'Mixing, recording, webdesign, photos, videos, texting'

bands = 'Human Race, The K, Itsmisunski, Rocktheater Herrmann, Aaronds Rod, GartenvorSTATT Project, Motiv2, The Flaw, DMC'

musical_influenses = 'Cure, Mission, Yes, Genesis, Saga, Oomph, Tea Party, Tool...'

interests = 'arts, windsurfing, surfing, electronic, web-design, blender, swimming'